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The rally at the third day of ‘The Showdown in Chicago’ was invigorating and encouraging.

We had a crowd of 5000+ — BUT there should have been 100,000 people showing up to protest the outrageous treasonous behavior of the bankers and financial services industry.

How much more suffering and loss to people have to endure before they realize that WE are the leadership we’ve been waiting for.

WE will be the catalyst for any change in the status quo.

Shutting down the economy for one day would be another sign of our organization and anger—to get the attention of our government so they will start doing the job they were sent to do.

Financial reform, anti-trust legislation, healthcare reform—not to mention JOBS JOBS JOBS!

These are the priorities that will get our country back on track.

OUR country—that means YOUR participation and YOUR voice.



A proactive event that will be taking place just before the National Strike:

A ‘Showdown in Chicago’ at the American Banking Association Convention—with an impressive coalition